General Questions

1. How to proceed with the registration?

Please click on the registration tab above to fill out the form.

2. Who is the convener of this event?

Shree Surendra Ji Patawari (Belgium, Momasar).

3. What is the purpose of this Summit?

The goal of this summit is to bring the Terapanthi Community closer to each other, and also to the Dharmsangh, so that one can serve it better by knowing it better.

4. Can I recommend a few names to attend the event?

Yes – this is highly appreciated, as it will help us accomplish our objective. You may provide names and contact details of other Terapanthi Families residing in your country. Kindly provide your recommendations by 30th June, 2019, as it is the last date of registration.

5. Is there any registration fee to attend this Summit?

No, there is no registration fee to attend this Summit.

6. How many of my family members can attend this Summit?

There is no restriction on the number of people accompanying you to the Summit; however, you are requested to pre-register any and all of your family members who would be accompanying you.

7. My child is seven years old. Do I need to register him/her for the Summit?

Yes please. This will help us plan separate activities for children.

8. Why do I have to register now?

Your early registration will help us plan the event better to make it a great experience for you

9. How can I get confirmation about my registration?

You will receive an auto-generated email on successful completion of registration. In case you have any difficulty in registration you may kindly approach us by phone/whatsapp on +91 8291840299 or email us at

10. Can I come earlier than the date of the Summit and/or leave later after the Summit is over?

You are welcome to stay longer (early arrival or late departure). We would be glad to help you with any necessary arrangements required for the extra period on your behalf.

11. How do I cancel/modify my registration?

You may kindly inform us via email.

12. What is the cut off/last date for the registration?

The registration is open until 30th July, unless we reach our capacity before that.

13. My friends, who are foreign nationals, would like to accompany me for the Summit and experience our culture. Is it allowed?

The Summit has been planned exclusively for Terapanth Community and therefore kindly excuse us for not considering this request.

14. What are the provisions for medical emergencies during the summit?

A doctor will be available on call and an ambulance will be on standby, outside the venue. The nearest hospital is about 5.7 km from the venue.

15. Is it mandatory to attend all sessions of the Summit?

Though it isn’t mandatory, we request your participation in as many sessions as possible.

16. What are the visa requirements for travel to India?

NRI’s do not require a visa to enter their home country, subject to possessing a valid PIO or OCI card. For more details, you may please get in touch with the Indian Embassy in your country.

17. Is Health Insurance required?

It’s not required, however it is advisable to get health insurance for the duration of your stay in India.

18. Who is the primary contact person(s) in Bengaluru for the Summit?

The primary contact for the summit is the Event Supervisor. You may reach them through phone/Whatsapp at +918291840299, or email at We will be happy to help you.

19. Can I transfer my registration to a friend or a relative?

We advise your friend to register themselves separately.

20. What is the weather condition in Bengaluru in August 2019?

The weather in Bengaluru is expected to be pleasant (28 - 19 °C / 82 – 68 °F ) during this time. There are high chances of rain during this period, along with a good amount of chill winds. It is not very hot, so we recommend you carry a light sweater.

21. What is the dress code for the Summit?

You may please choose to wear any comfortable outfit which is simple & sober.

22. Do I need any vaccinations before traveling to India?

We suggest you get in touch with the Indian Embassy in your country. Generally, it is not required.

23. Is my spouse considered as a delegate to the event or he/she has to engage himself/herself elsewhere?

Your spouse is considered as much a delegate as yourself. We welcome both of you equally for participation throughout the event.

24. Who are the sponsors of this event?

Shri Surendra Patawari and his affiliate Company Premier InfoAssists Pvt. Ltd. are sponsors of this event.


1. What is the arrangement for the accommodation?

Rooms are booked and financed by the sponsors in Hotel Wonderla This hotel is about 6.5 km away from venue of the event. You may please find more details about accommodation on the registration page or you can contact us on +91 8291840299 or email us at


1. How do I reach Bengaluru?

Once you have arrived into India, Bengaluru is well-connected via Air, rail & road. Additionally, there is a high probability of finding a direct flight to Bengaluru from your country of residence.

2. What are the arrangements for ground transport on arrival in Bengaluru?

We will arrange airport and train transfers upon receiving your travel details.

3. What is the venue for the Summit and how far is it from Bengaluru International Airport?

The venue for the Summit is Acharya Sri Tulsi Mahapragya Chetna Seva Kendra, Kambalgodu, Mysore Road Bengaluru. It is 62 km from the Kempegowda Airport, which takes between 1.5-2 hours, depending on the traffic at that point of time.

4. What are the arrangements to & from the venue (Chetna Kendra)?

We will be taking care of transfers to & from the venue (Chetna Kendra).


1. What are the arrangements for meals during the Summit?

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be served during the event days. Jain cuisine prepared with high standards of quality and hygiene will be served. We will also be providing Vegan options.

2. Will there be arrangements for special dietary requirements (for example: vegan meals)?

If you have any specific requests, then please inform us beforehand and we would be glad to make suitable arrangements.

3. Is there provision of dinner before & after Sunset?

Yes, there will be an option to have dinner both before and after sunset, as per your convenience.

Program & Activities

1. Are there any special programs organized for kids?

Yes. Gyanshala & Play zone will be organized so that kids can enjoy & learn simultaneously.

2. Are there any recreational activities planned?

Excursion to selected spots in Bengaluru is planned for your recreation.

Help Desk

1. Is there anyone who will receive me at Airport?

Yes, we will be releasing a pre information message to all with the single point of contacts name number and images of the location.

2. Can we go for the Guruseva if we arrive on 2nd August?

Yes, you can go for common Guruseva on 2nd August.

3. Food Arrangements?

Yes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are arranged at the venue of the event. However in case of other dietary service, please contact helpdesk at resort.

4. Is it compulsory to attend all the sessions?

It is advisable to attend all the session.

5. Is there any Gurudarshan?

Yes, Kindly refer our agenda.